3D Printing Material Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is an engineering-grade thermoplastic that offers exceptional strength, as well as excellent printability and heat resistance.

Excellent Thermal

High Isotropy

Strong Impact

Sterilizable Healthcare

Translucent Grades

Improved Thermal
Properties Compared to ABS



Tensile Modulus
XZ orientiation1 910 MPaASTM D638
XZ orientiation1 898 MPaISO 527
Tensile Stress, brk, Type I, 5 mm/min
XZ orientiation55 MPaASTM D638
XZ orientiation51 MPaISO 527
Tensile Strain, brk, Type I, 5 mm/min
XZ orientiation5 %ASTM D638
XZ orientiation7 %ISO 527
Flexural Modulus, 1.3 mm/min
XZ orientiation1 910 MPaASTM D790
XZ orientiation1 952 MPaISO 178
Notched Izod, 23 °C
XZ orientiation320 J/mASTM D256
XZ orientiation28 kJ/m²ISO 180
Notched Izod, -30 °C
XZ orientiation230 J/mASTM D256
XZ orientiation12 kJ/m²ISO 180
Unnotched Izod, 23 °C
XZ orientiation880 J/mASTM D256
XZ orientiation96 kJ/m²ISO 180
Unnotched Izod, -30 °C
XZ orientiation940 J/mASTM D256
XZ orientiation97 kJ/m²ISO 180
Notched Charpy Impact Strength, 23 °C
XZ orientiation30 kJ/m²ISO 179
Unnotched Charpy Impact Strength, 23 °C
XZ orientiation151 kJ/m²ISO 179
HDT, 1.82 MPA, 3.2 mm, unannealed
XZ orientiation138 °CASTM D648
XZ orientiation137 °CISO 75
Vicat Softening Temp, Rate A/50
XZ orientiation149 °CASTM D1525
XZ orientiation149 °CISO 306
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion - flow
XZ orientiation80 μm/(m°C)ASTM E831
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion - x-flow
XZ orientiation81 μm/(m°C)ASTM E831

*All data as reported by Sabic Technical Data Sheet as downloaded on 20/3/2020. Values are for XZ orientation. Consult Technical Data Sheet for further information about conditions.

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