Water Soluble Support Aquasys® 120

AquaSys®120 Water Soluble Support is a versatile support material used alongside engineering-grade thermoplastics and can be removed with warm water.

Easy Removal with
Warm Water

Stable Up to Chamber
Temperatures of 120°C

Compatible with wide
variety of materials

Low Shrinkage

Excellent Adhesion

Great Printability


AquaSys®120 Soluble Support for Additive Manufacturing

Temperature ResistanceStable up to 120°C
Dissolution Rate @ 80°C in water15 min to dissolve 1cm cube
Specific Gravity1.32g/cm³
Extruder Temperature220-245°C
Build Plate TemperatureUp to 130°C
Chamber Temperature80-120°C

*All data as reported by Infinite Materials Solutions, LLC Technical Data Sheet as downloaded on 20/3/2020. Print conditions listed on the Technical Data Sheet.

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